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Breaking into secured buildings is Bree’s forte. Breaking rules? Not so much.

​As leader of Operation Spitfire, the Intelligence Security Agency’s most secret program, Bree has been trained since childhood to win at hand-to-hand combat, shoot moving targets, hack into secured databases, and break into any building she wants, any time she wants. What she hasn’t trained for, however, is how to handle it when her best friend is captured and her direct superior suggests it’s an “acceptable loss.”

Bree isn’t accepting any kind of loss. She’s never been the sort of girl to back down and she’s not about to start, not when she has the skills to save both her friend and, possibly, thousands of innocent lives along with her.

But doing so means making some sacrifices of her own, including giving up some of her secrets to a hot mystery guy who knows way more about what she does than any civilian ought to. He makes her heart beat faster, but is it attraction—or her well-honed instincts telling her to beware?



Most kids dream of being accepted into the Clean Air Development program. The chance to live on the government’s teen-only Cloud Nine colony means ditching the protective gear and experiencing real sunlight, and that’s just for starters.

Only Ally Ramsey isn’t like other kids. She loves Ground Level. She intends to stay there below the blackened clouds, making a difference where it matters. Too bad the government doesn’t care about her plans. Before she can say, “I didn’t even apply,” she’s shipped off to Cloud Nine to research ways to fix the environment below.

Ally thinks something is wrong up there in the sky. She has no idea how wrong it actually is, or that she’s wedged herself into the center of danger even her self-defense training and scientific mind may not be able to get her out of. If she fails to expose what’s really happening and stop it, those closest to her could die.