I was going to share the books I’m most thankful for this year, but then realized that would be an epic spoiler for VBC’s Best Books of 2018. (Don’t forget to head over to nominate your favorites for the readers’ choice pick.)

Luckily, this week is also the start of mega deals and holiday shopping. Based on the replies to my Instagram stories of late, y’all want to know where to score some of my favorite bookish swag. If you’ve asked where did I get that necklace or that candle or that bookmark, this epic shopping list shortcut is for you.

Glorious Bookish Candles from Lemon Cakes Candle Co.

These candles smell amazing, and have an added perk of being pretty. There’s glitter in the wax. So it shimmers, but isn’t a mess. (Thanks, Lemon Cakes.) My favorite is Department of Mysteries (I wrote most of the third Soul Charmer book with this candle burning to my side), but am also enamored with Oh, Aye, Sassenach for more reasons than thoughts of Jamie and Claire.

FYI: There’s a 20% off sale this weekend at Lemon Cakes!


Other bookish candle shops that I buy from on the regular are: Bubble & Geek (Yule Ball and Pumpkin Pasties are great fall/winter scents), Novelly Yours (Book Boyfriend scent is great, and she also made my custom Soul Magic candles!), and Frostbeard Studio.

Primo Geek Chic Jewelry from RockLove

I’m pretty sure Allison from RockLove Jewelry knows I’m going to order new stuff from her almost every time she drops a new line. (I only didn’t buy Nightmare Before Christmas jewelry because I need something for people to buy me for Christmas.) The metalwork is detailed and the craftmanship is long lasting. If you’ve seen the tentacle necklace in my author photo (or probably at most of my book signings), that’s one of her early pieces. I’ve had it for years, and it still looks as lovely as the day I bought it.


Recent favorites include her Disney Villains line—I went with the Poised Apple Necklace (as seen here), but basically everything Ursula would have happened if I didn’t already have the aforementioned tentacle necklace. And my Groot Branch Ring (pictured above) continues to be a favorite. I love being able to wear nerdy gear that looks swank to the uninitiated, but makes every fandom friend grin.

Other sweet jewelry picks: Trilogie jewelry has some stellar bookish picks especially for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Deborah Harkness, and Outlander. I’ve been wearing my Faerie Wish Pendant quite a bit lately.

I’ve also been Instagram stalking Blood Milk Jewels. Pretty sure I’m making one of their big, statement pieces a gift to myself upon the sale of my next book. Because pretty, but also pricey.

Are You Into Naughty Words and Fighting the Patriarchy? Meet Emily McDowell Studio

Pretty much every item from Emily McDowell makes me smile. There’s a lot of great feminist goods here, and plenty to make you chuckle, too. Here are the ones I put at the top of my list:

Also: Use code GETGIFTY to save 25% through Monday.

Wooden Bookmarks from Alchemy & Ink

It is not a secret that I loved Victoria Schwab’s Vengeful. (Yeah, it’s my favorite book of the year, and, yes, that’s saying something.) I found these fantastic wooden bookmarks with a great quote from the book at Alchemy & Ink.  Very high quality. The store also has candles, but it looks like stuff sells out super fast. (They’re another good one to follow on Instagram for when new stuff hits the shop.)

Gluten-Free Deliciousness from Ma-Ka-Rohn

If this gift guide has taught us anything, it’s that I spend a lot of time on Instagram. (Honestly, you should follow me there.) The first time I ever bought an item from an Instagram ad was to order Harry Potter macarons. And they were delicious.


Ma-Ka-Rohn does macarons with great flavors and fun themes. There are more Harry Potter-themed ones and I snagged some Nightmare Before Christmas snacks back in October (as pictured above).


NOTE: I’m not affiliated with any of these brands. I’m not making any money on the links. These are just items I think are super rad, and think you’d find super rad, too. That said, if any one here wants to sponsor me and send me sweet stuff, I will totally say yes.