Borrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller (Soul Charmer #1)

A young woman with a brother who can’t stay out of trouble dives head first into the grimy world of soul renting in this action-packed and sexy urban fantasy debut.

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Lost Souls by Chelsea Mueller (Soul Charmer #3)

Get out of Hell free card? Not for Callie Delgado, Gem City’s newest soul charmer. Sin and salvation collide in this gritty and action-packed urban fantasy.

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Author Chelsea Mueller

Chelsea Mueller writes gritty contemporary fantasy. She founded the speculative fiction website Vampire Book Club, blogs about TV and genre fiction for numerous websites, and is co-chair of SF/F charity Geeky Giving. She loves bad cover songs, dramatic movies, and TV vampires. Chelsea lives in Texas, and has been known to say y’all.

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Author Chelsea Mueller in New Orleans

NOLA Sights and Creativity

The last few blog posts have been promo-y. Sorry about that, y'all. I've got a book coming out soon, and this is the way of the world. But how about we talk about something else today? It's the beginning of the year, and my creativity has been sparked for something...
Chelsea Mueller Virtual Signing at ApollyCon

Last Call for the Virtual Signing

If you'd love personalized copies of my Soul Charmer books, now's the time! I'll be at ApollyCon later this year. (Later as in super soon, because it's 2019 now! Ahhh!) If you didn't score tickets to the event, no worries. You can still get signed Soul Charmer books,...
I'm Ready, Jon Snow.

Lost Souls is coming Feb. 25! Are you ready to see the cover?

Yes! A new Soul Charmer book is almost here. Lost Souls is set to release on Feb. 25, 2019. If you're ready for book 3, you can pre-order the ebook now (woohoo!) and add Lost Souls to your Goodreads TBR. (There will be a paperback edition, too, but not for pre-order.)...
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March 21-24, 2019
Washington, D.C.

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Get all the details about Chelsea’s latest projects, including the critically acclaimed, gritty urban fantasy novel Borrowed Souls

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